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Typography Society of India. Design Lecture Series.12th December, 2020. Ms Anagha Narayanan.

Typography Society of India. Design Lecture Series.  Talk No: 10 Date: 12th December, 2020.  Time: 5:00pm Speaker: Ms Anagha Narayanan. Topic : "Ilai: Variable typeface in Tamil — a case study" This is available in YouTube: Please subscribe to the Youtube channel of Typography Society of India. Live stream on : Anagha Narayanan is a type designer from Hyderabad, India. From childhood, Anagha has been immersed in art and design, and has vivid memories of her father’s offset printing press. She has always been fascinated by letters, drawing them and collecting them in ephemera like postcards. Anagha is inspired by how type design is so closely knitted with culture and history, and does the task of preserving it graphically. She has interned at Black [Foundry] in Paris, and works at Universal Thirst in Bangalore, where she contributes to the design and development of various Indic typefaces. Anagha i