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Traditional grid systems of India. A talk by Sri Parameshwar Raju on 14th November at 5:00pm

Typography Society of India, Design Lecture Series. Traditional grid systems of India.   A talk by Sri Parameshwar Raju on 14th November 2020, Saturday, at 5:00pm Recording of the talk is available at A documentary film on Parameshwar Raju is available in YouTube This topic will be useful for those in the area of graphic design, product design, architecture, craft and artefacts. In India, the grid was always a part of tradition and it has been practiced with the faith to the extent of religious doctrine. It has a large variety in form and application. In the past few centuries, the meaning of grid has shifted from interface between physical and super physical worlds to interface between physical world and its perception by the rational cognition. Process of creation is an initiation and a sharing knowledge of the craft and information gathered and referred from nature. Listening, seeing, feeling, u

Video links of Design Lecture Series organised by Typography Society of India

All talks organised by the Typography Society of India are available in the YouTube Channel :  Typography Society of India Talk No 10: Ilai - A variable typeface in Tamil, a case study Speaker: Anagha Narayanan Date: 12th December 2020 YouTube: Hasgeek: Talk No 9: Traditional Grid Systems of India Speaker: Parameshwar Raju Date: 12th December 2020 YouTube: Hasgeek: Talk No: 8 Font Design through the ages: a look at pre and post digital era of font design process Speakers: Eiichi Kono and Aurobind Patel Date: 24th October 2020   Talk No: 7 Redesign of Hindustan Times - First Voice. Last Word. Anup Gupta, Managing Editor, Integrations with HT Media Ltd Date: 26th September 2020

Guidelines for recording video for Speakers of Typography Society of India

IN association with, Typography Society of India design lecture series will now be streamed live in various social media platforms like YouTube, Facebook, Twitter etc apart from the website. Normally, our lectures are scheduled on Saturdays at 5:00pm IST (1700Hrs). Due to the technical requirements of various live streaming platforms, we have decided to record the lectures in advance. Some of the guidelines for recording the talks are given below. The easiest way to record your presentation is by using Zoom. Zoom meeting time limit while using a free account is 40 minutes, but our presentations are normally less than 30 minutes with a 10 minute Q&A session after the talk. You may use a dedicated web camera or any video camera that allows for quality recording. Please ensure that it’s capable of recording full HD video in landscape (horizontal) mode. Make sure that you’re in a well-lit room, with a background free of clutter. Choose times to record where