Video links of Design Lecture Series organised by Typography Society of India

All talks organised by the Typography Society of India are available in the YouTube Channel : Typography Society of India

Talk No 10:

Ilai - A variable typeface in Tamil, a case study

Speaker: Anagha Narayanan

Date: 12th December 2020

Talk No 9:

Traditional Grid Systems of India

Speaker: Parameshwar Raju

Date: 12th December 2020

Talk No: 8

Font Design through the ages: a look at pre and post digital era of font design process

Speakers: Eiichi Kono and Aurobind Patel

Date: 24th October 2020


Talk No: 7

Redesign of Hindustan Times - First Voice. Last Word.

Anup Gupta,
Managing Editor, Integrations with HT Media Ltd

Date: 26th September 2020


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